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We are proud suppliers of a wide range of Honda lawn care machinery and tools, from push mowers to ride-on mowers, and from leaf blowers to tillers for your vegetable patch.

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Honda Lawn Care

Honda Professional Mowers




Protected by a tough cast aluminium deck and a reinforced cutter deck handle, the HRD is built to take on the most demanding jobs time after time. Power comes from our Pro Spec GXV 160 engines (except HRD 536 TXEA), which have a durable cast iron cylinder sleeve and crankshaft, that runs on specially adapted bearings to extend its working life. It also features a dual air filter and an extra-large 1.5 Litre fuel tank for periods of extended use. Any garden. Anywhere. HRD lawnmowers feature Roto-Stop® technology, so you can stop the blade without stopping the engine which is ideal when you have to go over a gravel drive or path. With other standard features like the high-airflow bag and double arm reinforcement (where the handle is attached to the cutter deck), it's no wonder they’re called the HRD Professionals.   We supply the following Honda Professional Lawnmower models:   Honda HRD professional mower  

Honda Ride-on Mowers


  Performance that’s so enjoyable you won’t want to stop. We go the extra mile because we know that cutting your lawn is not a job, it’s a passion. Our lawn tractors are built tough, with durability and strength in mind. Combined with hydrostatic drive transmissions for smooth and precise control – you and your garden are in for a real treat. They are without doubt the best garden machinery you can own. Cutting, mulching, and collecting couldn’t be easier and with a Honda warranty that’s second to none, there’s never been a better time to treat your lawn to the very best. The new standard for lawn tractors has been set with our redesigned Honda Riding Mowers. Now with advanced new engines, they’re smooth, comfortable, and easy to drive. Beautifully finished, these great-looking machines are built to give you a great-looking lawn.   We supply the following Ride-on Honda lawn tractors:   Honda HF ride on mower  

Honda Electric Tools

Battery-powered Electric Tools from Honda   Low noise levels and zero emissions. The battery-powered motor in an electric-powered Honda tool is an aluminium fanless design, which sets new standards for…

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Honda Tools

Other Honda tools & equipment

  We are proud to supply a wide range of Honda tools and equipment in addition to their lawnmower ranges. With everything from strimmers to blowers, or hedge cutters to tillers - we have something for all your garden care needs.   Brushcutter Space-age technology right in your own back garden. You can boldly go where no other brushcutter can, with these extremely tough and reliable 4-stroke garden tools. They are driven by a unique six-splined drive shaft (as opposed to a traditional groove key design) for added strength, with better torque and power delivery down to the work zone.   Leafblower We've kept on refining our Leaf blower to make it the best at, well, blowing. A blower is designed to do one job, and one job alone. Our high-performance blower efficiently pushes leaves and litter into manageable piles, where they can be collected and composted. It’s ideal for keeping gardens, parks, stadiums, and streets neat and tidy all year round.   Hedgecutter They're the number one for low noise and low emissions too. When the first-ever 4-stroke hedge trimmer was made by Honda we didn't have to shout about it. From the moment you start one of our hedge trimmers you'll know why because it's so quiet. Pick one up and you’ll feel a difference too. They’re low vibration, ergonomic, workmates for tending all types of hedges. No matter how over-grown or rough, they’ll soon trim a ragged hedge back into shape.   Versatools The name Versatool is a clever mix of words ‘versatile’ and ‘tool’, but the machine itself is far more impressive than any name we could think of. Its range of ingenious attachments has been built to cover every garden need – from cultivating vegetable patches to shaping bushes, and all by using just one Honda engine to power them all. It's a Honda, after all A lot of thought has gone into the user-friendly design and safety features that make the Versatool so easy to use. It’s built to the same Honda quality found in all of our power tools.   Micro tiller Perfect for light garden tasks. Turning over the soil in small vegetable plots and flowerbeds couldn’t be easier. These strong lightweight tillers with folding handles are available with a wide range of attachments.   Compact Tiller Small but perfectly formed - what these tools lack in size they certainly make up for with effectiveness. Mini tillers are ideal for preparing modest flowerbeds and vegetable patches for seeding. With special features out of the box, and conveniently portable in size, they’re ready for the little-big garden jobs   We supply the following Honda tools:
  • UMK425 LE Brush Cutter
  • UMK435 LE Brush Cutter
  • UMS425 Brush Cutter
  • UMC425 - VersaTool
  • UMC435 - VersaTool
  • SSBC – VersaTool brush cutter attachment
  • SSHF – VersaTool hedge cutting attachment
  • SSES S – VersaTool extension pole
  • FG220 – Tiller Cultivator
  • FG205 – Tiller Cultivator
  • HHH25S – Hedge Cutter
  • HHB25 – Blower
Find specification and details for all these products on the Honda website.   Honda hhh hedgecutter tools

Honda HRX Lawn Mowers

Honda HRX range of lawnmowers

  The new engines featured in the Honda HRX range have an enhanced combustion system and are super-efficient – much better for the environment – providing class-leading power with usable torque; muscle that’ll do all the work for you. Not so much a mower, more like advanced lawn technology. Designed to make your life easier and more enjoyable, our new HRX mowers not only have increased performance, but they benefit from reduced noise levels too. They also feature a host of unique Honda technologies, such as Select Drive for precise control, Versamow™ for selective mulching, and Roto-Stop® to safely disengage the cutting blades. If you want an even easier life, the HRX537HZE model comes with an electric start. Go Greener, The Versamow™ variable mulching system works with specially designed offset MicroCut twin-blades. They work together, efficiently cutting the grass into ultra-fine particles; recycling them back into your lawn to create a natural fertiliser. You’ll notice the difference in a matter of weeks.   We supply the following HRX models:  

Honda IZY Lawnmowers


  The new range of Honda IZY lawnmowers has been completely redesigned. Now with the new GCVx engines at their heart, they not only make light work of mowing the lawn, but they’re easier to handle and maintain too. Better than ever. Our engineers looked at every aspect of these popular lawnmowers and redesigned them with 30% fewer components. What's more, the IZY range of mowers is not only great at keeping your lawn nicely trimmed...they're good at keeping maintenance costs down too. Perfect for small and medium-sized gardens. If you’re looking for a light, robust lawnmower that’s a pleasure to use, then there’s an IZY mower just for you, They make cutting grass so much easier. After all, a garden is a place to take things easy, even when you’re working on it.   We supply the following IZY models:     Honda lawnmower  


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