Rotary Mower Servicing

Servicing and Repairs for Rotary Mowers

Our dedicated garden machinery workshops at Warwick, Knockdown, Marlborough, and our skilled technicians offer the highest standards of service for all your rotary mower servicing needs. We provide annual servicing to help you gain maximum productivity from your equipment and are on hand for repairs throughout the season.


What’s Included

Here’s a round-up of what you can expect from the service of your rotary mower:



  • Service the engine as per the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule
  • Fit manufacturers genuine filters
  • Check engine mounting bolts
  • Check exhaust mounting bolts, check for exhaust leakage
  • Check operation of throttle/choke control – Reset max/min if required.



  • Inspect transmission drive belt (self-propelled models)
  • Inspect jockey pulleys for wear or bearing failure.



  • Lubricate front axle centre pivot
  • Check wheel bearings.


Cutter Deck:

  •  Dress or replace cutter blades as required.

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