Ride on Mower Servicing

Servicing and Repairs for Ride on Mowers


Our dedicated garden machinery workshops at Warwick, Knockdown, Marlborough and our skilled technicians offer the highest standards of service for all your ride on mower servicing needs. We provide annual servicing to help you gain maximum productivity from your equipment and are on hand for repairs throughout the season.


What’s Included

Here’s a round-up of what you can expect from our Ride on Mower Servicing.



  • Service the engine as per the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule
  • Fit manufacturers genuine filters
  • Check engine mounting bolts
  • Check exhaust mounting bolts, check for exhaust leakage
  • Check operation of throttle/choke control – Reset max/min if required
  • Check operation of choke control (twin cylinder models only).



  • Clean and remove all debris from transmission housing
  • Check transmission for damage etc, check securing bolts (transaxles to chassis, also front straps)
  • Check security of gear change linkages and operation
  • Lubricate gear changes cross shaft pivots and linkages
  • Inspect transmission drive belt
  • Inspect jockey pulleys for wear or bearing failure
  • Remove rear wheels, clean shaft, re-fit wheels and recharge grease nipples (where applicable)
  • Drain and refill transaxle oil (1.75 – 2.1 litres of fully synthetic oil (5W-50).



  • Check and clean brake unit
  • Check and adjust the foot and parking brakes
  • Lubricate brake pedals linkages and clevis pin
  • Check for correct operation
  • Refit wheels.



  • Check front axle for free play and adjust if required. Note Do not over tighten locking bolts
  • Lubricate front axle centre pivot
  • Lubricate steering quadrant centre pivot grease nipple
  • Check ALL steering nuts and bolts
  • Check steering lock stops
  • Check steering for ease of operation and a full range of travel
  • Check front wheel bearings
  • Check tyre pressure – advise if tyres are soft/going down and require puncture sealant
  • Check and adjust tracking.


Cutter Deck:

  • Remove cutter deck and examine blade mounting pans for damage
  • Dress or replace cutter blades as required
  • Check cutter shaft bearings and housing
  • Check electric clutch retaining bolt
  • Check electric clutch tie bar retaining bolts/retaining bracket (adjust 1mm free play)
  • Check the condition of drive belts and re-tension if necessary. If contra-rotating (timing belt) checked and re-tuned.



  • Check security of battery
  • Check battery electrolyte level (wet battery only 10mm above separators (max))
  • Clean battery posts and terminals and protect with petroleum jelly
  • Check all solenoid terminals
  • Inspect all wiring harness securing clips
  • Check for the correct operation of all safety switches
  • Check PCB securing clips
  • Check console warning lights are functioning correctly
  • Check the charging system.


PTO System:

  • Check for the correct operation of the PTO clutch, adjust as required
  • Check PTO bearing housing assembly
  • Check upper and lower pulley retaining bolts
  • Check PTO drive bolt and jockey pulleys
  • Check for correct tension and free play
  • Check PGC belts, brushes and bearings
  • Check PGC securing clamps for ease of operation
  • Check the net for damage
  • Machine completely washed off, clean and silicone sprayed to protect paintwork and tyre walls.


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