Toro ES 3200DC Battery Ride-On Mower £3,200

Toro ES 3200DC Battery Ride-On £3,200

Introducing the Toro battery sit-on mower that’s easy to handle through tight curves and can slip through narrow access points. Toro ES 3200DC Battery Ride-On with its 72v battery can produce working times of up to 100 minutes* on areas up to 2500sqm. Not only is it quieter than traditional petrol ride-ons, but battery operated mowers are low maintenance and reduce harmful emissions entering the environment.

With an 81cm cutting width the eS3200DC is ideal for larger gardens up to 2500sqm, With both rear collect and mulching options the 3200DC is a versatile sit-on for homeowners. The rear collector has a capacity of 190L and when the conditions are right just switch to mulching. Mulching will reduce the grass clippings into tiny pieces which when blown back onto the ground virtually disappear. Engaging the cruise control allows you to take your foot off the pedal.

RRP £5,999

Offer Price £3,200

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