The worlds most useful tool is in stock now

Who would have thought the humble leaf blower could be so valuable to both gardeners and farmers?

But this essential piece of kit is useful in the garden to clear leaves, around the workshop to clear debris and most importantly on the farm for daily combine and baler maintenance.

For safety and cleanliness, blowing off a combine with an air blower at least every day and preferably twice a day to avoid crop accumulation is essential.

Crop accumulation combined with the heat of a summer harvest creates a potential tinder-box situation. And although this job is simple and potentially easy to miss, avoiding it and running with a dirty combine is a fire hazard that could prove dangerous during the long working days of harvest.

We have two in stock to take away today:

Stihl BG56 petrol blower
Stihl BGA57 battery operated blower


Maintenance with a Stihl air blower is key to keeping machines and the harvest running, especially during hot days when combines are running for many hours in warm conditions.

A great selection of Stihl leaf blowers and other reliable Stihl tools can be found at all T H WHITE stores.

Drop into one of our stores to grab your new favourite tool.

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