Elegant accessories for you and your canine companion

If less is more with fashion, it makes sense to match accessories for an elegant look.

This winter, allow T H WHITE to help you create a relaxed and elegant country look for not only you, but also your favourite fur baby. With our sets of coordinating handbags, purses, dog collars and leads, you can elevate any winter walk with your pooch (or even without them!).

Our range of handbags, purses, dog collars and leads are hand made from traditional Harris Tweed in the time honoured way in Scotland. The whole range is lined, with solid metal fastenings and every item has the inherent robustness and water resistance of this reliable and traditional fabric.

The perfect Christmas gift for pampered pooches and their elegant owners.

The perfect Christmas gift for pampered pooches and their elegant owners! Available to buy or order from all T H WHITE stores.

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