Honda IZY Lawnmowers



The new range of Honda IZY lawnmowers has been completely redesigned. Now with the new GCVx engines at their heart, they not only make light work of mowing the lawn, but they’re easier to handle and maintain too.

Better than ever. Our engineers looked at every aspect of these popular lawnmowers and redesigned them with 30% fewer components. What’s more, the IZY range of mowers is not only great at keeping your lawn nicely trimmed…they’re good at keeping maintenance costs down too.

Perfect for small and medium-sized gardens. If you’re looking for a light, robust lawnmower that’s a pleasure to use, then there’s an IZY mower just for you, They make cutting grass so much easier. After all, a garden is a place to take things easy, even when you’re working on it.


We supply the following IZY models:



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